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Snapshot of An Undecided Voter

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Issue Obama McCain Barr
Iraq War  
National Security      
Foreign Policy      
Politics As Usual  
Other Social Issues    
VP Pick    
Health care    
Totals +2 +4 +1

According to some in the media, I must be stupid, or at least uninformed, and maybe a little irresponsible, or worse. I still have not decided for sure who I’m going to vote for. I guess I need someone smarter than me to explain some things slowly without using big words. I’m sure once I know a little more about the candidates, the right choice will suddenly become clear.

Yeah right. I’ve been following the election for over a year. I’ve researched as best I could, considering I’m not an expert in any particular topic. But I remain undecided. Political pundits think that we are all what I call “spherical voters” (that’s a geek joke–look up spherical cow). What I mean by that is a voter who is a stereotypical Republican or Democrat, or rural vs. urban, or black vs. white. These are the same pundits who can’t believe any Hillary supporter would support McCain. I even heard one caller to a radio show suggest that we don’t need a general election–just count the Democratic and Republican primary votes up and whichever party got the most voters should win. Briliant. Surely there isn’t any voter fickle enough to support candidates from different parties, right?

But sarcasm aside, there are less than three weeks to go until election day, and I still haven’t made up my mind. Maybe some of you would be interested in a snapshot of my opinion at this point. Of course, the chart on the right is a simplification of the extremely complex and advanced (there goes the sarcasm again) thought processes going on in my brain, but I think it generally depicts where I am at the moment.

Checks are good. Xs are bad. Everything else is mixed. It’s interesting to note that I give more positives and negatives to McCain, and I’m pretty luke-warm on the other candidates. I’m not sure what that says about me or them.

So that gives a small edge to McCain, but the total number of checks available is 14, so McCain leading with a net 4 is pretty sad. Also, this is just a snapshot; this is not set in stone by far. I can see several of my thoughts on these issues changing if the candidates would just shift slightly. For example, I would probably give Obama a check on energy if he would at least give some mention for the need for nuclear power in his official energy proposal, which doesn’t even mention the word “nuclear”. I know he’s talked about it in other places (specifically how it needs to be safe, and how McCain makes fun of him for it, and so Obama makes fun of McCain making fun of it, yada yada yada), but if it’s not in his official proposal, I’m not betting on him supporting it under any circumstances.

Of course, we could discuss any one of these issues forever, and there are many other important issues that aren’t much on the radar this election cycle (ie. education, crime). I’ll try to post more specifics between now in the election. In the meantime, if you feel you can convince me to change my view on any of these issues, feel free to try. I’ll post the updated chart if and when it changes.


Written by Mike

October 16, 2008 at 11:30 pm

3 Responses

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