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Wow, could I think of a more boring title for a blog post?

Economics is probably considered one of the most boring of topics, but it also happens to be at the root of many policy debates. As I browse some blogs in my free time, I’ve noticed that it seems a lot of people are clueless when it comes to economics. Am I especially troubled by the characterization (which is gaining supporters recently) that the free market as a failed experiment. Certainly there are aspects of our economic system that have problems and have let to our current recession, but to characterize the free market as the cause of everything that is bad is to desecrate the system that has allowed us to become the most productive society in the world.

Many policy debates between liberals and conservatives hinge on a fundamental question: What economic factors should be controlled by government, and what factors should be left to the control of the free market? Of course that’s a simplification, but that’s the root of it. In debating this question, I’ve heard statements from both sides (but not necessarily representative of everyone on their respective sides) that I believe indicate a flawed understanding of basic economics. Here are two paraphrased examples from both sides:

From the left: Businesses should be taxed more because they are lucky to be running in such a prosperous nation (the U.S.) that we live in. Business should have the pay a high premium to be allowed to do business here.

From the right: Since consumers would usually buy a cheaper car that is worse for the environment than a more expensive car that is better for the environment (all other factors being equal), that means that consumers don’t value environmental conservation. Environmentalist shouldn’t be pushing for more environmentally friendly cars if the free market won’t produce those cars by itself.

Today I stumbled across a useful website: I think I will use it to link to in response to such statements. Specifically, the first comment (from the left) exhibits a lack of understand of the negative effects of business taxes, and the second comment exhibits a lack of understanding of externalities.

Why is this important? Is it just a game for political junkies? I don’t think so. These issues are important to the future of our world–the one our kids and grandkids will live in. So I hope more people (particularly those who seek to promote government policy) will educate themselves in basic economics. And I will hold myself to the same standard. The website I linked to seems to be an unbiased economics introduction. But if you feel it leaves out important information or is biased, please feel free to offer a link of your own.


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December 21, 2008 at 9:45 pm

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