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Obama: I’m Responsible, But It’s Not My Fault

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Obama, on the AIG debacle:

So, he’ll take responsibility, but wants everyone to know it’s not his fault. That’s some new politics for you.

Meanwhile, Dodd says it is his fault:

Personally, I think this whole issue is way overblown. Yes, the bonuses are misplaced in these times, but a contract is a contract, and the government shouldn’t get in the business of overturning contracts, no matter how bad they are. This is why the provision was added to the bill. All that is reasonable. The part that bugs me is that politicians, especially the president, are falling over themselves to feign outrage over something that was already anticipated and accounted for in the bill. If it was not anticipated, why was the clause added?

The same candidate that criticized McCain because he made a big deal about earmarks which weren’t a significant part of the budget, and the same party that criticized Republicans for making a big deal out of a few million here and few billion there in the stimulus bill, are now apparently outraged over 150 million–a drop in the bucket.

That’s what you get when you don’t read the bill before you enact it.


Written by Mike

March 18, 2009 at 9:07 pm